In 2001, Marcos Roy and Ignasi Verdonces founded RV Tennis Academy in Barcelona, with the vision of improving the performance of elite players and to facilitate their path from amateur players to professionalism.

Both founders, who have extensive experience in the sport, were conscious of the fact that a personalised training system adapted to the characteristics of each player would be essential for success.

The excellent results that they have achieved at RV Tennis Academy are due to a demanding training program, combined with the development of individual programs and appropriate planning of the competition schedule.

At the time of writing, RV Tennis has trained 5 top 100 players, as well as 8 players with ATP rankings between 100 and 200, hence becoming one of the highest-level tennis academies in Europe.

Players such as Beto Martín (34 ATP), Óscar Hernández (48 ATP), Marcel Granollers (19 ATP; 4 ATP doubles), Juan Antonio Marín (55 ATP) and Albert Montañés (22 ATP) endorse the work of RV Tennis Academy.

The successes reaped by the academy encourage us to continue supporting this sport, from its base through to the highest level.